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HealthCare Freedom & Savings Is My Gift!

About me

I love to share solutions!

Almost 5 years ago my family paid over $2,200 for health insurance. "I get it!"

After finding the perfect option for my family, It has been my mission to help others find theirs.

It has been almost 5 years now and I am thrilled to say that I have been able to  help hundreds of families, individuals and businesses, in my community and across the nation.  

When we work together I am about "sharing solutions" not about selling. Your needs and what is best for you is truly what I want. I'll advise  you like a family member.

My background

I am a Occupational Therapist and built a very successful Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy practice during my career. 

I understand medicine, medical billing and the challenges of small business.   

Business owners - I am proud to partner with an industry leader and visionary, Ralph Weber, President MediBid and Route Three Financial Services.

He is able to provide cost effective, innovative, market driven healthcare that saves employers 35% or more while meeting all employer mandates.

I'll help you explore options

Call or text to contact me. I will then send you an introduction and I can navigate you through the eligibility application quickly and easily and without obligation. 

Once accepted, I will work with you to fully understand  how everything works. I provide regular orientation/Q & A videoconferencing options and personal 1:1 care.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Contact me and receive an introduction!

Contact me and I will email you an introduction right away!

2. Complete an eligiblity application

I have made your eligibility application quick and easy and without any obligation

3. Learn more (with VIP care) and decide to join!

People love the personalized attention and videoconferencing options I provide. New members can begin the first of any month after being accepted.

My members are always free to contact me in addition to member services. I try to make a great option even better! There is no extra cost to you.


Business Solutions

Ralph Weber

Proud to partner with 

Ralph F. Weber REBC®, GBA®, CLU® President and CEO

MediBid Inc. - The Marketplace for Medicine

Route Three Financial Services 

Author: Rigged, How Insurance ruined healthcare (and how to fix it) 

Studied at several Ivy League Universities.

Author: “MediCrats: Medical Bureaucrats that Rule your Health Care,”

 (foreword by John Goodman) 

  • CFP, Certified Financial Planner
  • CLU, Chartered Life Underwriter
  • ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant
  • AEP, Accredited Estate Planner

National HealthCare Reform Advisor

Ralph Weber is a leading healthcare policy consultant who has worked with presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani in his area of expertise in the field of healthcare reform. Gingrich and Giuliani both  participated with him in healthcare forums, and he made significant contribution to Giuliani’s health care reform policy.

Ralph Weber has been featured on major news outlets 

including Fox Business News, CNN Money & Forbes


RalpH weber videos

Media Coverage

Ralph Weber has been featured on major news outlets including  ABC, NBC, CBS,

Fox Business News, CNN Money & Forbes, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Speaking arrangements at Freedom Works and too many others to list!


Ralph Weber has written three books and numerous articles on the subject of healthcare insurance and policy including two editions of "Rigged - How insurance ruined heatlhcare (and how to fix it)"  Ralph Weber's innovative ideas and approaches have been studied and used as part of their  senior thesis by several  Harvard, Stamford, Princeton and 

Rice University students.

Market Driven HealthCare Solutions


Health Cost Sharing can be a stand alone option for individuals and small businesses.
Ralph Weber, President and CEO of Medibid, takes the power of healthcost sharing and combines it with insurance options to meet all employer mandates, often at a savings of 35 percent or more.
Ralph Weber's initial 20 minute review  is conducted at no charge, and comes with no obligation. After this consultation, we will reply with an initial opinion, a proposed path and an estimate of costs.  MediBid specializes in the following areas: 

  • Employee Health Benefits
    • Domestic Self Insured plans and MEC Plans
    • Global Benefits Consulting
  • Business Succession and Estate Planning
  • Cross Border Canada/USA Insurance and Benefit Plans
  • View Ralph Weber's blog at : https://www.medibid.com/blog/

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