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Individuals & Businesses

Individuals & Businesses

Individuals & Businesses


Who says that Insurance is the ONLY way to deal with medical costs and accessing great healthcare?

Health Cost Sharing and other non-insurance means of handling medical costs have helped thousands of

Individual & Businesses

Throughout the United States 

and this trend is rapidly growing!

The HealthShare Lady

Individuals & Businesses

Individuals & Businesses


Karen Torsoe

 Since March of 2014, 

I have been helping individuals and businesses across the country 

access great healthcare at a great price!

I work on a 1:1 personal level, leveraging my resources, connections and experiences 

to help you.


The foundation of any solution

  • Sedera - The Healthcost sharing community of choice. As this addresses major expenses, I consider this to be the foundational piece of any solution.

  • Individuals can have access to Sedera ACCESS in the most cost effective manner.

  • For businesses of 15+, we can add a healthshare compatible MEC, establish HSA's as well as other desirable employee benefits, provide payroll integration, on going ACA compliance and HR support.


Direct Primary Care

  • Direct Primary Care - this is an arrangement where you have a an all inclusive membership to your doctor for a monthly charge. This is a non-insurance solution.

  • There are virtual as well as physical Direct Primary Care practices. We can assess your options.
  • Your Sedera membership would then be there for expenses exceeding your chosen Initial Unshared Amount.


Preventative Care

  • The Alliance for Shared Health is a preventative care healthshare membership that uses the largest network in the USA for consumer ease or, members can see a provider out of network as well. Members can join either:

  • ASH PREVENTATIVE which offers the ACA compatible list of preventative screenings and visits.

  • ASH PREMIER which additionally offers members a low member responsibility for provider visits, specialists, urgent care, xrays, labs, MRI's and CAT scans.

  • Both ASH PREVENTATIVE & PREMIER additionally provide protection from states with the individual mandate.


A basket of other options and resources

  • Many pharmaceutical resources to draw on including free resources, Liberty Rx, SHARx- as well as a pharmacy cost containment membership.

  • Critical Illness, Disability, Elective surgery complications insurance and more.

  • 1Dental Program - Careington 500/ Dental Access powered by Aetna which include memberships in both EyeMed and MedImpact Rx Savings. Endorsed by Dave Ramsey.

  • Great resources and discounts and tools including supplements, DNA testing and other healthcare tools.

Sedera - The Foundation of the Solution





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Karen Torsoe

Navigating Solutions for  Individuals & Businesses Since 2014


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