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Early in 2014, I had had enough with the high cost of our health insurance and I began to research alternatives. 

We left the traditional route of insurance and, motivated with the success we had as members of a medical healthcost sharing community, I began helping others. 

Free Market = Better and less expensive healthcare solutions

I have introduced hundreds of people and businesses to health cost sharing and other free market healthcare resources for many years.

I am excited to share what I know with you.

My background is in Occupational Therapy, so I guess helping people or business overcome financially debilitating obstacles in healthcare is a natural passion for me.

I founded and ran a successful therapy practice for many years. I understand medicine, medical billing 

and the challenges that small business face. 

I would love to help guide you!

Connect with me - If health cost sharing is a match for you. If so, I can navigate you through the eligibility application quickly and without obligation. 

For Employers (5+)  a very robust and affordable healthcare program for your employees can be obtained for a fraction of your current expenditure


Empowered Healthcare Resources



Seek a quote and a second opinion from providers around the world. 

Members of MediBid may seek multiple bids, guests may seek bids for $100 

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Prescription discounts


There are many (free) ways to access discounts on pharmaceuticals!

 Click below to access resources

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My Labs for Life

My Labs for Life

  Save up to 85% without insurance

You can order labs online, 

at a discount 

and without a doctors prescription.

That's cool!

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Health Care Blue Book


What constitutes a "fair" price for a self pay patient depends on variables.

This tool will help you learn what a procedure or treatment should cost.

Downloadable as an app.


Healthcare pricing tool

AMAC.US - Medicare Assistance


Just as, AARP fights for progressive values, AMAC defends conservatism, - Both organizations can assist you in navigating the Medicare waters. 

The support you give to either organization is your "second vote", cast it wisely.

Link to AMAC.US

Supplements & More


Looking for clean, glysophate free, ios lab tested,  verified nutritional supplements, organic super foods and beverages, Personal care, healthy home, preparedness items, and healthy recipes.

*This is my affiliate shopping site.

All revenues support charitable organizations.

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The benefits of a Direct Care Practice (Concierge Medical) delivered on an online platform for $10 /Monthly

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Health Matching Accounts



Forget about 

Health Savings Accounts!

Request more information on this!

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