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Sedera is an option in healthcare to get really excited about!


Unique in their class, Sedera facilitates shealthcost sharing for:

*Businesses/Employer Groups

* Recognized Sedera Associations 

*Is Not Religiously Affiliated

Individuals are able to enroll in Sedera most economically through  ~ Friends in Health  ~ A Sedera Certified Association. 


*No Enrollment Costs

*No Yearly Renewal Costs

*Low Monthly Costs - As low as $124 monthly!

*Nominal Administrative Costs for Friends in Health

*No Yearly Commitment


*Healthcare Freedom

*Low monthly membership costs 

*HealthCare back in your hands!

Standard and Preferred Pricing Available

Healthcare Back in Your Hands!

With Sedera, Your relationship is with your provider- Not an insurance company!

As  a "Cash Pay" patient, you are not limited by networks-  or even borders.

Over the past 9 years, out-of-pocket spending for a family of four has increased 69%.

Sedera put's the power back in your hand with a solid solution!


Members typically enjoy savings of 30-60% vs. Health Insurance.

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Sedera Membership includes

Excellent Member Services!


*Exceptional Service
*Share Costs above IUA
*Reduce HealthCare Expenses
*Empowered Members
*Support Health

Unlimited TeleMedicine


Unlimited use of
board-certified and state licensed physicians
available via phone or online.

These doctors are able to assess the situation and when appropriate prescribe medications.

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Preventative Screenings & Immunizations


* Mammography over age 40
* Colonoscopy over age 50
* Childhood immunizations

Second Opinion Services


Nation's Top Doctors

Second online complimentary consultations with all Sedera memberships

No matter where a member is, they can speak with the best doctors in the world via phone or video consultation. 

All the best services without the travel, paperwork and costs.

Prescriptions & Alternatives


Curative Medications

Included in the cost of the 

"Need" for the first 120 days of a new diagnosis.

Alternative Medications

with Prior Approval

Maintenance Medications

 Sedera Member services

will direct you to

and other significant 

discounting options

Additional opt in RX program available 

An average of 43% savings.

Includes home delivery

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3 free counseling sessions through Head to Heart per need.

If further assistance is needed, Sedera Member Services assists members in finding additional affordable and accessible solutions.

Sharing Guidelines include sharing in eligible psychiatric hospitalizations

Sedera - Our healthcare solution

Medical Cost Sharing and Member Services

How Sedera Shares expenses




You choose the initial unsharable amount from $500-$5,000.

Once the total costs for any new “need” exceeds that amount, the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing program will share in those expenses.

A "NEED" is defined as ALL of the expenses experienced surrounding a new diagnosis, accident or illness.

The initial Unshared Amount (IUA) is met once by the member without further contribution, while the "need" is active.*

This includes ambulance services when appropriate, emergency services, curative prescriptions, medical supplies and rental of durable medical equipment, x rays, imaging, hospitalizations, specialists....the list is quite exhaustive and comprehensive.

Example of how Sedera Health would work with a "Need"


To aid in your understanding, here is an example of how Sedera would meet the "Need" that our fictional character, Mr. Bower,

Mr. Bower falls of a ladder and breaks his leg. This injury requires numerous types of care, medicine and treatments.

Mr.Bower has chosen a maximum Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA)  of $1,000 in this example.

Mr Bower:
An ambulance trip to the ER: $500 - $2,500
Hospital expenses (physician, etc.): $3,000 - $15,000
X-Rays and related tests:$800 - $2,700
Crutches and incidentals: $300 - $600
Ongoing post-operative therapy: $1,500 - $4,500

Total Value of Services: $6,200 - $25,300
Settlement Range: (shared with community) $3,660 - $15,180
Cost to Mr. Bower: (Max need) $1,000

As long as the condition is not cured/completed or a time period of 12 months has passed for an associated medical expense for that issue, the need would remain open and costs above the initial unshared amount would be shared.


The Sedera Community Protects You From Experiencing too Many "Needs" Within a Given Year

Medical Expenses surrounding your  "need" are bundled together and shared after the chosen Initial Unshared Amount (IUA).

Using the example above: the ambulance ride, the emergency room visit, the x rays and test, the crutches and incidentals,  any specialist's visits, the surgery and any post operative care or therapy would be entirely shareable after the Initial Unshared Amount was met.

And - this "need" will stay open for sharing of any subsequent costs for up to 12 months past the last associated expense. 

That is very favorable to the member.

In addition: If an indivdual meets 3 IUA within a given year, any further expenses the member should have would be shared at dollar one.

For couples and families, any expenses past 5 IUA's are shared at dollar one.


Sedera Member Online App

When a members can quickly and easily add the expense into their online Sedera Member's App where it will be stored until if /or when the total of the expenses surrounding the "need" exceeds the chosen IUA.

Once an IUA is meet and a new "Needs Case" is opened, the member can view their account and how their expenses are being shared, quickly and easily.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

 A look-back period of 36 months applies to all Pre Existing Medical Conditions for Sedera applicants. 

Any Medical condition that existed prior to membership (diagnosed, suspected or producing observable signs or symptoms) is considered a Pre-Existing Medical Condition.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that have not exhibited symptoms during the 36 continuous months prior to membership effective date is considered cured and will have no sharing restrictions. 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions will become eligible for sharing based on the member’s tenure with Sedera, as indicated by the graduated sharing schedule  below.

First 12 months: Not Sharable

Months 12-24: Eligible up to $15,000

Months 24-36: Eligible up to $30,000

Month 37 and thereafter: Fully Eligible 

     Note: Sharing restrictions do not apply to “controlled” high blood pressure and cholesterol counts in most cases (controlled via medication and/or diet). 



All births are eligible for sharing with an expected due date 12 months after commencement of membership

Individual via Sedera Access:

Vaginal births: Shared dollar one after a $5,000 IUA

Planned C-Section: Shared after a $7,500 IUA

Employer Groups via Sedera Select: Please see Select Guidelines 

Birthing Alternatives Supported

Where insurance,  generally, will not financially support a members choice of using a birthing center or having a home birth, our community recognizes that this choice represents a greatly reduced financial burden on the community and Sedera reserves the right to reward the member with a greatly reduced initial unshared amount.

Home Births - The member’s IUA will be reduced to $500 for home births. Additionally, home births are not subject to prorating because they significantly reduce overall maternity costs. 

Birthing Center - The member’s maternity IUA will be reduced by 50% for utilizing a birthing center. Your Member Services Representative can assist in locating quality birthing centers within a reasonable distance of the member’s home. 


Waiver for VBAC - The member’s maternity IUA will be reduced by 50% for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). 

Individuals - Sedera Access Members:

Individuals- Sedera Access Members - See the maternity section of the sharing guidelines, page 34 for more details. 

View Sedera Access Sharing Guidelines

Businesses -Sedera Select Members:

Please review the maternity section of the sharing guidelines.

View Sedera Select Sharing Guidelines

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