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I found information regarding NJ and Individual or State taxes on this website.
Always check with your accountant  to determine what your best option may be.

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Exemption Information

Information on Exemptions - Participation in a qualifying health share ministry is an exemption Exemption C2

Tax-exempt organization in existence and sharing medical expenses continuously 

since December 31, 1999, whose members: 

  • Share a common set of ethical or religious beliefs, and
  • Share medical expenses in accordance with those beliefs, even after a member develops a medical condition.



Join Sedera & Alliance for Shared Health

Alliance for Shared Health is an exempt ministry that shares in preventative care as well as cost sharing for office visits and non hospital events. By joining this ministry you will qualify for the exemption while adding services to your healthcare solution.

Alliance for Shared Health Memberships:


  • $119..00 per Month for Single  
  • $189.00 per Month for Single + 1  
  • $235.00 per Month for Family 


  • $175.00 per Month for Single 
  •  $286.00 per Month for Single + 1 
  •  $373.00 per Month for Family