Navigating a great solution


Navigating a Solution - Individuals

I am happy to help you or your business. It is exciting for me to help craft and bring solutions to the table for your family, or your small or large business. 

On this page - I am going to guide you as an INDIVIDUAL.

How is your health (or members of your family) right now?

Do you have PRE-EXISTING OR CHRONIC CONDITIONS? I can help you navigate.

A pre-existing condition is defined as a issue you have had a diagnosis of, symptoms of or treated for in the last 3 years. 

Example: Broken bones, cancer, etc. (it would be a pre-existing condition if there were expenses from the same broken bone or, the same cancer (and in the case of skin cancer- in the same spot) 

What is Not an issue: Example you had an upper respiratory infection a month ago, or if you had an event like a broken bone but, everything is healed and the event has past. Now, if there was a new medical expense from the same broken bone, during your first year of membership, then it would be pre-existing. I hope this helps clarify. 

If you have pre-existing conditions they can very often be taken care of within a Direct Primary Care relationship or, you can contain costs by joining the Alliance for Shared Health at the Premier level. 

Sharing Limits on pre-existing conditions apply as follows:

No Sharing the first year for the condition

Sharing up to $15,000 - Months 12-24

Sharing up to $30,000 - Months 25-36

Fully Shareable - After Month 36

Sedera - Direct Primary Care - ASH

Sedera Access - Standard Pricing

Sedera Access - Preferred Pricing

Sedera Access - Preferred Pricing


The foundational piece of your healthcare solution.

Monthly costs start at $106 

The ONLY way into Sedera is through an 

employer group 

(Sedera Select)

or through a 

Sedera Association

(Sedera Access)

Individuals can join via an Association

I am helping you join 

with the least expensive 

Sedera Association in the country

- Friends in Health Sedera Association -

as it offers a straight forward path into Sedera 

for individuals or their families,

without compelling them to purchase anything additional.

Joining Sedera Access with Standard Pricing 

is your Best option IF 

you do not want to join a local DPC, 

Nor do you want to join ASH at the PREMIER Level 

or do not live in 

CA, CO, DC, FL, IA, IN, KY, MD, MI, NJ, NV, NY, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA. or ME

(if you live in these states you CAN join MedLion!)

Sedera Access - Preferred Pricing

Sedera Access - Preferred Pricing

Sedera Access - Preferred Pricing


Sedera offers Preferred Pricing to members of a 

Direct Primary Care practice. 

A DPC practice is a growing model where you pay a monthly membership to your doctor and in exchange you typically have unlimited access, typically all care included, basically VIP care.

Sedera financially supports your DPC practice with the Preferred monthly pricing.

For most people, Direct Primary Care is a very new concept,

 I invite you to learn more here on my site.

Look for a brick and mortar DPC practice in your area here. (Most will do a complimentary meet and greet with you)

If you like a DPC practice in your area, 

you may consider increasing your initial unshared amount with Sedera, as almost all of your medical costs will be contained within the DPC.

another option would be to join a

Virtual Direct Primary Care such as 


this also qualifies the member for 

Preferred Pricing

Available for residents of:

CO, DC, FL, IN, KY, MD, NJ, NV, NY, OR, PA, UT, VA, ME or TX 

MedLion offers significant value

$10 per month ($120 per year) & children are free.

Please Note:

DPC Members are never restricted to their DPC provider, 

this is just an added service they have.

Alliance for Shared Health

Alliance for Shared Health

Alliance for Shared Health


Another way to go to receive Preferred Pricing would be to 

Join the Alliance for Shared Health as well as Sedera.

They offer 2 levels:



The full range of Preventive Services & Screenings 

(per HealthCare.Gov standards)

You can hand over their card for billing, utilizing the largest network in the country, or

enjoy the freedom to go outside of their network 

based on a reimbursement of 120% of the Medicare amount.

 Direct Primary Care - Via Sherpaa -$50 per visit


All of the features of Preventative PLUS

 A low Member Responsibility Amount - MRA

for Dr. Visits of $30

Specialists - $65

X-ray or Labs at $50

Urgent Care at $75

By joining the  Alliance for Shared Health Sharing 

(at either level) you are also protecting yourself from the fines for states such as NJ and CA which continue to have the "Shared Responsibility Tax"


Alliance for Shared Health

Alliance for Shared Health


1. Join Sedera - that is your foundation and how bigger expenses can be shared.

2. Join a Direct Primary Care Practice if that is applicable

3. Join Alliance for Shared Health - if that is applicable.

I can be on the phone with you and navigate this.

It is not hard- Take a deep breath and let me help you lay the foundation for the best healthcare solution 

you have ever - at an incredible cost.

Let's get started!

When you click on the ENROLL Now Button below 

You will be given 2 enrollment Link options;

Use STANDARD - if using Sedera alone

Use PREFERRED if you are if you are 

joining or are a DPC or ASH Premier member.

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during normal business hours EST for support.