MedLion - A Virtual DPC



You get a 'Personal Doctor' with Unlimited video, phone, and text visits with a dedicated, board-certified doctor for $10 per month!

MedLion Clinic doctors can manage, help diagnose, and guide treatment for 1,500+ health conditions/issues via video and phone consults. 


  • 1:1 Doctor Relationship 
  • Acute & Chronic Condition Care
  • Unlimited Video & Phone Visits 
  • 24x7 Text Messaging
  • Free Visits for Children 
  • e-Prescriptions 
  • Test Orders & Follow Ups 
  • Specialist Referrals 
  • Medical Records Sharing
  • 1,500+ Health Issues Covered                  

MedLion Clinic doctors will order tests or lab work when necessary and conduct follow up visits.
MedLion Clinic doctors may also make referrals for you to see an appropriate specialist or another provider for cases that require in-person care.
MedLion Clinic doctors support you throughout the process. 

MedLion Clinic


Enroll in MedLion for preferred monthly pricing.

MedLion is a not affiliated with Sedera. 

MedLion is an eligible Virtual DPC  

Qualifying the Sedera Member for Preferred Pricing.

Service Availability

CA, CO, DC, FL, IN, KY, MD, NJ, NV, NY, OR, PA, UT, VA, & TX

More states coming soon!