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With the rising cost of health insurance and an increasingly complex healthcare system, businesses are looking for cost-effective quality ways to manage the medical needs of their employees.

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), whatever the goals and motivation behind the law, the net result has been neither “Affordable” nor improved access to “Care.” 

Sedera is built upon the principles used by some of the Christian healthcare sharing ministries

 In the late 1980’s and early ‘90’s, some modern-day Christian groups began comparing the escalating costs of health care with the simple and effective manner in which older Christian groups (such as the Amish) have handled their property and casualty needs for more than a century. 

We have all heard of the proverbial Amish “Barn Raising.” There is no need to insure the “barn” because the community will come together for a “barn raising” if it should burn down. 

These Christian groups decided to follow the Biblical mandate of “bearing one another’s burdens” by sharing healthcare costs in a similar fashion, members of the community literally share one another’s medical bills. 

This method of meeting needs has proved effective & legitimate!

The Health Cost Sharing model has withstood court challenges from its “outside the box” approach (which was in reality a reintroduction of the historical sharing approach modeled by the Amish!). 

The health care sharing model is flourishing and has grown tremendously!

The impressive growth of the Christian health care sharing movement has now led to hundreds of thousands of individuals and families leaving traditional insurance for health care sharing communities. 

Sedera Select is a health care sharing model designed to meet the needs of the small businesses.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) for Business Owners

 Health Care Revolution


Direct Primary Care Memberships For Your Employees = Significant Savings for Employee Health Costs

For most businesses the second largest expense behind payroll is their employees health benefits.

Also, for most businesses, this cost increases every year. 

But, why? 
The average negotiated cost or self-pay prices for procedures or services doesn’t vary much year-to-year. Healthcare isn’t getting more expensive, but the access to that care is. 

The reason is over-utilization of expensive treatments such as those offered in the emergency rooms, urgent cares, and hospitalizations. 

Often times this expensive care is sought out for conditions that are preventable, such as complications of diabetes, high blood pressure, or osteoarthritis. Typically, these are conditions that can be managed and prevented effectively by primary care doctors. 

The problem is that patients often times do not have timely access to primary care doctors or even know who their primary care doctor may be.  The average wait time to see a primary care doctor is about 2 to 3 weeks with the average visit lasting just over 15 minutes.

Direct Primary Care is different. 

DPC providers typically offer 24/7 access to their members and often times will have same-day or next-day availability as well as unlimited direct access to their doctor through phone or email  

Office visits with DPC doctors are usually between 30 to 60 minutes or as long as the patient needs.  

Studies have shown that patients enrolled in DPC practices have 59 percent fewer ER visits, spend 30 percent fewer days admitted to the hospital, are referred to specialists 62 percent less often, have 65 percent fewer radiology exams, and 80 percent fewer surgeries. 

A DPC practice can work with your employee to make sure they are improving their overall health and help prevent unnecessary expensive medical related problems.

The end result is better healthcare, better service, healthier and happier employees and healthcare savings to the employer to boot!

Sedera Select Membership Guidelines

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Sedera Select Product Summary

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Employee's can be a part of either a Brick and Mortar Direct Care Practice or a Virtual DPC to Access Preferred Pricing

The Cost of  DPC practices range from $10 - over $100+ monthly depending on the location and practice.

If a local DPC route is not chosen or available, allows access to the Preferred DPC membership pricing and saves more money than the membership costs. ($10/monthly) 

The employee is not restricted in any way and may use the DPC practice at their discretion.

Sedera Employer Census Sheet

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Ralph Weber - Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC Plans)

Sedera & Larger Employer Groups

Adding a Minimal Essential Coverage plan on to an Employer based Sedera Health program ensures that all Employer mandates are met.

Ralph Weber is my recommended contact and resource for setting up a MEC plan and is a recognized pioneer and leader in the industry. 

He has been working with Employer groups and Sedera for many years.

These mandates are compulsory for larger employer groups, over 50.

Because adding a MEC plan enables the employer to also establish Heath Savings Accounts (HSA), as well as other employer based benefits, Mr. Weber often sets up a MEC plan for employer groups as small as 15 employees.

Learn more - Ralph Weber

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