Complete Healthcare Solutions for Businesses


Medical Cost Sharing Solution for the Business Community!

Many small to medium sized businesses

cannot afford the quality of healthcare 

they want to give their employees.

Sedera offers an

 innovative and effective alternative to insurance.
Through an innovative layering 

of healthcare services, 

Sedera enables your employees 

the ability to access 

high quality healthcare that is 

affordable, flexible & effective.

We can offer solutions to Employers groups

with a minimum of 3 employees

and larger groups benefit from

the ultimate in layering of 

Sedera plus

Minimal Essential insurance Coverage, 

required for groups larger than 50 employees.


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Tier 3 - Preferred Pricing for Sedera Select

What is an IUA? What is a "Need"

* IUA stands for Initial Unshareable Amount which is the amount a member pays on a per Need or Incident basis before sharing through the community begins. 

A "need" the collection of all (total) medical expenses surrounding a new accident, illness or condition. 

Sedera Households with one or more tobacco users contribute an additional $75.00 per month. If the member who is a tobacco user is over the age of 50, then Medical Needs for that Member are limited to $25,000 for each of the following four disease categories: Cancer, Heart conditions, COPD and Stroke. See Section 8.A. of the Sedera SELECT Guidelines for more information. 

The prices above are for Health Care Sharing and its related Member Services and do not include any costs related to a MEC type plan or funding for an Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), or Flexible Spending

How can my employees get Tier 3 Pricing?

Direct Primary Care

Any employee who is a member of a Direct Primary Care practice can join Sedera Select with Preferred Pricing.

The DPC can either be a Virtual Direct Primary Care such as or a local (brick and mortar) Direct Primary Care practice.

Each employee who qualifies can access Tier 3 pricing


Sedera Standard Pricing.

You’ve Got an Incredible Team...


Give them incredible healthcare!

Support your employees by empowering them to own their own healthcare.

No restrictive Networks 


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Easy to read. Healthcare does not need to be overly complicated.


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Consider DPC for Tier 3/ Preferred Pricing

Any employees who are additionally members of a brick and mortar or a virtual Direct Primary Care are eligible for substantial cost reduction in their monthly share. With memberships as low as $10 per month (Virtual Direct Primary Care with MedLion)

Adding a DPC membership can be a win:win:win!


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Sedera's Niche is the Employer Market

After onboarding your business will have a unique 

Employer landing page for all SEDERA SELECT enrollments.

 Businesses typically save 30+ percent or more 

with improved employee satisfaction. 

Let our team of professionals ensure your employer compliance 

and ease your healthcare administration burden.

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LIberty Rx Benefits - Optional Buy-Up - $27.50

Sedera offers a buy-up option to Liberty Benefits Rx. Cost to Employee Only, Employee+Spouse, Employee+Child(ren), or Employee+Family is $27.50

Pre-Tax versus Post Tax Considerations

Additional Employee Healthcare solutions - 1Dental - Vision


Group Pricing

Employer Groups can enroll without an initial set up fee and reduced monthly costs.

Larger Employer Groups


The sky is the limit

Employer groups over 50 must provide Minimal Essential Coverage but, we can set up a MEC that is HSA compatible for 12 employees or more.

I work with Ralph Weber, a prominent leader in the field and the national leader in combining Sedera HealthShare with Minimal Essential Coverage and other attractive employee benefits.

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Sedera Select for Business 

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