Sedera+DPC = A Complete, Non Insurance, Healthcare Solution

DPC Practices charge a membership monthly which then typically covers all of the services that they provide to their patients.  

Direct Primary Care practices cut out middlemen  - like insurance companies, freeing themselves to provide great care at fair prices.    

This usually includes physicals, blood tests, xrays, sonograms and whole sale pricing on medications.

Scheduling is easy and DPC doctors are able to spend more time with their patients, providing a much higher quality of care.

Some even provide their patient's with their personal cell number.  It's like having a doctor in the family. Pricing is transparent and on the DPC practice's website.

Sedera Members of a Direct Primary Care Practices can access Preferred Pricing vs Standard Pricing

Because this type of care often eliminates escalated medical costs and better health in general for the member, Sedera is able provide discounted monthly contributions to members belonging to a Direct Primary Care Practice (DPC) or even a Virtual Direct Primary Care such as MedLion.

Locate a DPC near you

You can literally receive the best in care as well as contain most of your medical costs within a Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership   


What is a Direct Primary Care Practice?


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MedLion - A Virtual DPC

Your own 'Virtual Primary Care Doctor' 

providing personalized care.  

Unlimited video, phone, and text visits.

MedLion DPC  cost $10 per month per adult/children free. 

Membership in MedLion 

qualifies you fort Sedera’s Preferred Pricing