Accessible Expert Second Opinion via 2nd.MD



Sedera Members have the ability to speak with the best doctors in the world via phone or video consultation. 

All the best services without the travel, paperwork or costs.

Experts in their fields

2nd.MD, connects you with board-certified, leading doctors across the country for an expert second opinion.

Complete Case Management

2nd MD will provide you with the best second opinion physician who will handle your case from beginning to end.

Video Conferencing or Phone Consultations

2nd.MD can arrange for you to speak face-to-face with an elite doctor via our secure video app within 3-5 days

Written Opinions and Referrals

Once your visit is complete, your 2nd Opinion specialist will provide a written report and can refer you to provider(s) that they feel would be best suited for your situation.

Always Complimentary for Sedera Members

A 2nd.MD consulation is appropriate for any member who has 

* A chronic condition, 

*Has a new diagnosis

*Has a condition requiring surgery**

*Sedera Rewards all members considering a surgery to have a 2nd.MD consultation with a reduction in their IUA for that need.

There is never any pressure to go with the 2nd.Md's opinion. 

Sedera seeks to empower the member by providing a 2nd Opinion service at no costs so that the best in care can be given.

Sedera feels so strongly about having fully informed members that 

Failing to have a 2nd.MD visit prior to a surgery places limits on the eligibility for sharing in that need by the community.No one should have to battle pain or disease without access to the best possible care.

No one should have to battle pain or disease without access to the best care - Sedera makes that possible with 2nd.MD